Curriculum Vitae

My life

This page is my fully complete curriculum vitae with all my skills and all my experiences.
In short, the story of my life!

Salvatore Peluso

In short

I’m Salvatore Peluso,
I was born in Italy on January 3, 1996, and now I live in Vittoria city in Sicily.
In 2015 I graduated in “Administration, Finance and Marketing” high school, at the “Business Information Systems” division, with a grade of 82/100.
After that, in the same year I enrolled in the faculty of “Computer Science” of the University of Catania, and now I’m currently a student.

I’ve always been attracted by technology things since childhood. In high school I got my first computer, given me by a teacher. Because of that, I became passionate about computer science and programming.
My favourite school subject was Informatics (programming). Therefore this inspired me to start to grow my knowledge by myself, in particular about Windows and Android.

I’m a supporter of open source work, and I started to enter this world by reworking an already existing JQuery plugin (“colpick” by Jose Vargas’). After that, I created my own JQuery plugin called “WColpick”.
Most of my projects started with the need of something useful for me. Then, after noticed that my work could be useful for others, consequently I shared it to the GitHub community.
Other than creating new project I’ve also directly contributed.
If you are interested to more details, you can see my GitHub profile here:

It’s a really grateful thing if someone appreciate your work!


In the course of my life I’ve acquired a large number of skills.
Here is the list my skills with the level of knowledge.

  • Computer: High level
  • Microsoft Office: High level
  • Web browsing: High level
  • Photoshop: High level
  • Inkscape: Intermediate level
  • Blender: Basic level
Programming languages and SDK
Programming environments
  • Visual Studio: High level
  • Android Studio: Intermediate level
  • IntelliJ IDEA: Basic level
  • GIT: High level
  • GitHub: High level


High school

I studied for 5 years at I.T.C.G Enrico Fermi of Vittoria, of which 3 years in the Business Information Systems division.
Then, I graduated at July 2015 with a grade of 82/100.


I’m currently studying in the faculty of Computer Science of the University of Catania.
If everything is ok, I planned to graduate within 2022.


Italian: Native speaker

I’m born in Italy and I am an Italian native speaker.

English: Intermediate level

I speak English at Intermediate level (better at writing/reading than speak).
Starting at seondary school, I have definitely improved it by myself by studying Computer Science, because almost everything is written in English.
In conclusion, I understand and can translate almost everything to English and Italian.

French: Basic level

I speak basic French because I studied it in high school, and it’s similar to Italian language.

Albanian: Some words

I understand some Albanian words and if someone is Albanian, because my mother is Albanian, and speak frequently this language, but I’m not interested on it.

What I’ve done

I’ve done various projects in the past as JQuery plugins, .NET projects, and even modding games, and I’ve also contributed to other’s projects too.
For an exhaustive list of all my projects you can see my projects page in this website.

These are my top projects that I want to highlight.


Reworked version of the most commonly used .NET wpf controls, plus some new special controls and extra functionality.
Skills: .NET, C#, WPF
Date: Oct 4, 2017


Photoshop-like jQuery Color Picker plugin with various skins and layouts, touch, and responsive.
Skills: JQuery, JavaScript, CSS
Date: Nov 21, 2020

Legal notice

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