Extreme Mountains

“Extreme Mountains” datapack for Minecraft 1.18+ (Caves & Cliffs)


This datapack simply removes the 256 height limit to the new mountains (and world) generation of the overworld.

With 1.18 “Caves & Cliffs” update, mountains can go very high, in some cases above 250+ blocks!
If you love build very high towers on top of the mountains, and they are too high, there may be not enough space to build (the max build limit is 319).
To make things easier, avoiding terraforming before building, the actual world generation height is limited to 256 blocks, even if a mountain “wants go higher”.

This is a good solution, but, for a bunch of blocks, there is an evident side effect: mountains higher that 256 are cutted off (like with a katana!) generating a flat unnatural area.
This is even more noticeable in a mountain range, in which all mountains are cutted at the same height, resulting in this:

Anyway, even without this limit, mountains rarely go beyond 290+ height, and there is still enough space to build (maybe not that 50-blocks height tower…).
After removing the top limit you can see the real majesty of this beautiful new mountain generation!

You will find more higher mountains without that unnatural flat area on top! Only peaks!

How to install

Step 1

Download the correct release for your minecraft version here.

Step 2

Open Minecraft and click to create a new world.

Step 3

Before start generating the world click the “Data Packs” button: it will open a new window.

Step 4

Drag and drop the downloaded zip file to that window, then activate the datapack by moving it on the right side.
(Make sure it is over the default datapack)

Step 5

Click done, create the world, and enjoy!

Other examples

Example 1
Example 2


Copyright (C) 2021-2022 devpelux (Salvatore Peluso | salvostormy)
Licensed under MIT license.